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Stop those pesky game requests

Stop those pesky game requests! Are you tired of people asking you to play their games of Facebook? I’ve seen so many posts asking people to stop sending these requests. Don’t fret. These is a simple solution. 1) Open your notifications and find the game notification you want to stop.     2) Click on …

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10 important life hacks

10 important life hacks Here are some great hacks that will simplify your life! What to do with your old shopping bags to how to sleep on a pillow. Many of these things are so simple but we just didn’t think about them. We have so many important things that must be done in our …

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Foaming soap hack

Foaming soap hack. I recently purchased a bottle of hand soap from a discount store for a dollar. What a bottle of CRAP! When I pushed the plunger the soap came out in globs! When I rubbed my hands together, most of the soap fell off my hands and right into the sink. WOW! That …

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150 DIY’s to improve curb appeal

Do you want your house to be the nicest looking on the block? Here are some great ideas to insure success improving your curb appeal! You might want to pass some of them on to your neighbors. 150 DIY’s to improve curb appeal