Foaming soap hack

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Foaming soap hack.

I recently purchased a bottle of hand soap from a discount store for a dollar. What a bottle of CRAP! When I pushed the plunger the soap came out in globs! When I rubbed my hands together, most of the soap fell off my hands and right into the sink. WOW! That was a huge money saver! Most of it went down the drain. I thought to myself, there has to be a better way to use this.

My mother has been buying foaming hand soap for quite a while and my girlfriend had an extra foaming container that was almost empty in her bathroom. I really like how it worked and it got the wheels to turning in my head. I took the foaming dispenser to my house and added the soap. Hmmm. It still came out in globs. More thinking… ┬áThe soap always seemed to be very runny in the foaming containers and we always add water at the end to use up the last soap so I figured why not thin down the crappy soap. I added about 25% water to the soap and guess what? It worked! That crappy soap came out in a beautiful foam and did a great job! I must be a genius! Well, I did a little research on the internet and discovered this road had been driven many a time. Seems you can add 75% water and it still works great. Live and learn.

How soap works: Soap actually doesn’t clean away the germs and oil, it just suspends them so water can rinse it all away. Soap makes water “wetter”. Soap attracts the oil and pulls it away from your skin or whatever it is cleaning. Proper hand washing technique is to wet your hands, add soap and scrub for 20 seconds (about the time it takes you to sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice. Then rinse thoroughly and dry your hands completely.

Keep in mind that your foaming dispenser needs to be totally clean before you start or you could be spreading more germs than you are cleaning away.

This can be used for hand soap, body wash or even dish soap.

Good luck and happy washing!