Have your omelette and eat it too


Breakfast. The most important meal of the day. It’s very important to start your day with a good nutritious meal to fuel an active lifestyle. I start most mornings with a nice omelette, over-stuffed with great fresh ingredients from my refrigerator.

One of the most important parts is the egg. There are huge differences in eggs. Some eggs are from free range chickens like the ones I use at home and some are from the store. Trust me on this one, there is no comparison in the 2. If you’ve never had a fresh farm egg, you are in for a treat! Crack them open side by side and you will be amazed at the color and texture difference. The ones I get are FRESH! The whites stand up and the yolks are a deep yellow as opposed to the anemic light yellow store eggs.  I have a friend that raises chickens so I get them from her. Other sources are craigslist, roadside signs, friends of friends (ask around) and farmers markets. Expect to pay between $2 and $4 a dozen. If you think about it, they are CHEAP! Loaded with protein and we are finding they are much better for you than previously thought.


My normal omelette which feeds 2, consists of 2 free range farm fresh eggs, a teaspoon of milk, 1 small red potato, sweet onion, 3 links of breakfast sausage, green peppers, green onions, tomato, pesto, Tabasco or picante and a little american cheese. Of course you can vary the ingredients based on what you have. This makes a very full omelette. I cut it in half and serve it with some low fat greek yogurt and fresh fruit. You will also need a 12″ non stick skillet, some olive oil and a small pat of butter to keep the eggs from sticking.

I start by cutting the potato into small pieces. If you are into textures, you can cut them as you please. I prefer something about the size of half a postage stamp.


Preheat the skillet. I set the burner on about medium high so they brown nicely. Add a little EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) to the skillet after its hot then add the cut up potato. I also add some chopped onion at this point and season with your favorite seasoning. I use “Crazee Marks ghost pepper salt”, (It’s CRAZEE so be careful with this stuff!!!!) and some fresh ground black pepper.


Leave it alone until you get some nice color on one side. At this point I add the 3 chopped link sausages and stir. Finish browning. This is all done to each persons preference. I tend to like it crispy. Some like the potatoes creamier.

While this is all browning, I chop some green onion, green pepper and fresh tomato.


Once the potato mixture is browned, I add the pepper, green onion and tomato to just heat through then I remove it from the skillet.

Beat 2 fresh free range farm eggs with a teaspoon of milk and your favorite seasonings until mixed well.Re-heat the pan. Add a small pat of butter and melt until it stops bubbling, spreading it over the bottom of the pan. This is for flavor and non-stick. Add the egg mixture and quickly shake the pan and roll the egg around to cover the bottom of the skillet.

Next, add cheese and pesto. I use a squirt bottle to add the pesto to the egg. Shut the burner off.


Add the potato mixture and gently shake the pan to make sure it is free to come out. Raise the pan and slide half of the omelette out onto a plate. When it is half out, flip the remaining egg over the top of the filling.

Cut in half and serve.


Enjoy your omelette and be the hero of breakfast!




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