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Fly above the rest

Fly above the rest There are many vehicles for adventure seekers but this one really is above the rest. How about flying to your off road site with more time to play. Experience a different view of the country and have fun on your way to play. There are so many great new adventure “toys” …

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Fly like a bird

  Fly like a bird Imagine soaring through the sky and feeling the wind in your face. See the world from a different view. Take to the skies and fly like a bird with a Parajet powered parachute. Starting at around $8000, you can hit the sky and not look back. There are even competitions …

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Drones help you sell your house

You no longer need a professional to take amazing aerial videos of your house. Flying up the tree lined drive to the front door. Entering the house. Giving a unique view of the 2 story high entryway. Drones are changing the way we view everything including sales presentations. Drones help you sell your house

18 April fools pranks anyone can do

Looking for the perfect April fools prank to play on someone? Here are some great pranks that can be used year round. Be careful or you may get pranked yourself! 18 April fools pranks anyone can do