10 used performance cars under 20 grand


10 used performance cars under 20 grand

Many of us are performance car enthusiasts but don’t want to wrap up a lot of money in a car that we don’t drive on a daily basis. I figure why not let someone else take the hit on a new car then I can enjoy it at a lesser cost. Taxes and license are less and the car is still fun to drive and goes FAST!

Remember it can be hard on your drivers license unless you take advantage of track days at your local race track. There are many around the country where you can drive your street car and see what it was really made to do. If you haven’t ever driven your car on the track, it’s something that should be done. It will improve your street driving and teach you how your car was meant to handle at the limits in a safer environment. They usually have a class you must take before you are allowed to drive your car on their track. It’s also a good idea to take some driving lessons. Most of us don’t really know how to get around a track as fast as possible or how far you can push your car.

I’ve gone to a couple of tracks where they have exotic cars that you can drive for a fee. What a great time and you get to drive cars that you probably wouldn’t own like Ferrari’s, Lambo’s, Austin Martins and the like. I got to drive a Nissan GTR a couple of times and a new Corvette Stingray on the track. You will have a professional driver with you giving you instruction and keeping you out of trouble but you only get a few laps. In your own car, you get to go out for the day and really learn how to drive. I personally own a 2008 Nissan 350Z Roadster like the picture above and thoroughly enjoy it!

Check these cars out. Maybe one of them is in your future.