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Jun 24

Lily camera. The selfie stick on STEROIDS!

Lily camera is a new drone coming out in February of 2016 that promises great things. This device will follow you at a pre set height and distance and record your every move. Great for things from family activities to sports to anything your heart desires. This is the selfie stick on steroids! Attach the …

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Apr 02

This hovercraft flies above the water!

Want to fly over the surface of the water rather than bounce on it? Here is a very cool craft that uses the principals of ground effect to lift you up to 10 feet in the air. It uses a hovercraft as the base and converts to the hoverwing in about 20 minutes. This hovercraft …

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Apr 01

Join the quad copter craze

Are you ready to join the quad copter craze? There are sizes from nano to humungo! Some have cameras. Some can carry things. What a fun and exciting thing to learn to use. This is one of the smaller ones available at a reasonable price. Join the quad copter craze

Apr 01

Tired of those pesky flies?

Are you the worst fly killer around? Are you tired of getting buzzed, tickled and bothered by stupid flies? Do your kids constantly leave the door open? Do you want to make the best of this situation? Tired of those pesky flies?

Mar 31

Another great water toy

Here is another company that makes flying lake toys. This seems to be a coming thing. If you like lake play things as much as I do, there are quite a few options. 2 different options are available. Another great water toy

Mar 31

Best way to get around

Every wondered how to get around through mud, sand and snow? Mattracks are an amazing add on to your truck or SUV that allows you to get through almost anything! These are amazing. Best way to get around

Mar 31

Hoverbike concept.

Who doesn’t want one of these? Own the first hoverbike on the market. This is a ground floor opportunity that looks like a great time and a way to get in on the future. Hoverbike concept.

Mar 31

Another great personal water toy

  This really looks like fun! Imagine skimming along the surface, diving underwater and jumping above the surface in this amazingly fun water toy! Doesn’t everyone need one of these? Can you tell I love water toys??? Another great personal water toy

Mar 30

Here is another version of a fabulous water toy

The Jet-Lev flyer is an all in one must have water toy. Imagine the look on your friends faces when you fly past them. Be the first one at the lake and be the envy of everyone.  Here is another version of a fabulous water toy  

Mar 29

Aquaflyer. It’s almost like flying!

This is a cool new water toy. Imagine flying around the lake and getting a different view of the world. Be the envy of  all your lake friends. Uses your personal water craft for power. Aquaflyer. It’s almost like flying!    

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