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Apr 21

30 Grilled cheese sandwich hacks

  30 Grilled cheese sandwich hacks Ever wonder what to make for supper? Lets see…. What do I have around the house? Some day old bread, a little cheese and some craisins. Lets give this a try. A hot skillet and some butter is all it takes to make grilled cheese sandwiches. It’s amazing how …

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Apr 19

Final stop. Princess Cays

Final stop. Princess Cays We recently returned from a 10 day cruise on Princess Cruise Lines. We were on board the Royal Princess. What a gorgeous ship! We visited 6 Ports including a private beach owned by Princess. There were several shops both inside the secure area and outside. There are many things to do, …

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Apr 19

Grow your own

Grow your own Have you ever cooked with fresh herbs? How about fresh veggies? I mean FRESH. Not from the store but walk out your back door and pick FRESH from your garden. There is no comparison between store bought and really fresh. Fresh herbs have a very different taste from dried herbs. In the …

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Apr 02

This hovercraft flies above the water!

Want to fly over the surface of the water rather than bounce on it? Here is a very cool craft that uses the principals of ground effect to lift you up to 10 feet in the air. It uses a hovercraft as the base and converts to the hoverwing in about 20 minutes. This hovercraft …

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Apr 02

Dont make a mistake on your home purchase

Buying a home is a huge decision. It is usually the largest purchase you will ever make and nobody wants to make a mistake. It can be costly. Here are  a few tips from Forbes to help you make the right choice. Dont make a mistake on your home purchase

Apr 02

Drones help you sell your house

You no longer need a professional to take amazing aerial videos of your house. Flying up the tree lined drive to the front door. Entering the house. Giving a unique view of the 2 story high entryway. Drones are changing the way we view everything including sales presentations. Drones help you sell your house

Apr 01

Join the quad copter craze

Are you ready to join the quad copter craze? There are sizes from nano to humungo! Some have cameras. Some can carry things. What a fun and exciting thing to learn to use. This is one of the smaller ones available at a reasonable price. Join the quad copter craze

Apr 01

Tired of those pesky flies?

Are you the worst fly killer around? Are you tired of getting buzzed, tickled and bothered by stupid flies? Do your kids constantly leave the door open? Do you want to make the best of this situation? Tired of those pesky flies?

Apr 01

10 ideas to help sell your home

Are you ready to sell your home? Time for more or less room? Need to move to a new city or a new area? Here are some great ideas to help sell your home the quickest and for the most. 10 ideas to help sell your home

Apr 01

Best cars for 2015

Want to know the best picks for cars, SUV’s and trucks this year? US News and World Reports top picks to help you make the best choice. Dont make a huge mistake.Learn what the pros think. Best cars for 2015

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