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Jun 24

Lily camera. The selfie stick on STEROIDS!

Lily camera is a new drone coming out in February of 2016 that promises great things. This device will follow you at a pre set height and distance and record your every move. Great for things from family activities to sports to anything your heart desires. This is the selfie stick on steroids! Attach the …

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Jun 01

Making coleslaw for 200

I am occasionally faced with preparing food for many people. I have in the past done catering for a living and on occasion still help with parties. I have always enjoyed cooking and still do it on a small scale for parties at my house. This morning I was faced with a little larger job. …

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May 18

Have your omelette and eat it too

Breakfast. The most important meal of the day. It’s very important to start your day with a good nutritious meal to fuel an active lifestyle. I start most mornings with a nice omelette, over-stuffed with great fresh ingredients from my refrigerator. One of the most important parts is the egg. There are huge differences in …

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May 04

Stop those pesky game requests

Stop those pesky game requests! Are you tired of people asking you to play their games of Facebook? I’ve seen so many posts asking people to stop sending these requests. Don’t fret. These is a simple solution. 1) Open your notifications and find the game notification you want to stop.     2) Click on …

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Apr 27

10 important life hacks

10 important life hacks Here are some great hacks that will simplify your life! What to do with your old shopping bags to how to sleep on a pillow. Many of these things are so simple but we just didn’t think about them. We have so many important things that must be done in our …

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Apr 27

Foaming soap hack

Foaming soap hack. I recently purchased a bottle of hand soap from a discount store for a dollar. What a bottle of CRAP! When I pushed the plunger the soap came out in globs! When I rubbed my hands together, most of the soap fell off my hands and right into the sink. WOW! That …

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Apr 27

Experience the trill of track days

Experience the trill of track days As the proud owner of a sports car, I really enjoy driving it to it’s limits. Doing this on the street isn’t the safest idea. There are many tracks around the country that let you take your own car out and drive it to it’s limits. There are also …

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Apr 27

10 used performance cars under 20 grand

10 used performance cars under 20 grand Many of us are performance car enthusiasts but don’t want to wrap up a lot of money in a car that we don’t drive on a daily basis. I figure why not let someone else take the hit on a new car then I can enjoy it at …

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Apr 26

Fly above the rest

Fly above the rest There are many vehicles for adventure seekers but this one really is above the rest. How about flying to your off road site with more time to play. Experience a different view of the country and have fun on your way to play. There are so many great new adventure “toys” …

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Apr 22

Fly like a bird

  Fly like a bird Imagine soaring through the sky and feeling the wind in your face. See the world from a different view. Take to the skies and fly like a bird with a Parajet powered parachute. Starting at around $8000, you can hit the sky and not look back. There are even competitions …

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