Apr 26

Fly above the rest


Fly above the rest

There are many vehicles for adventure seekers but this one really is above the rest. How about flying to your off road site with more time to play. Experience a different view of the country and have fun on your way to play. There are so many great new adventure “toys” anymore. This one has got to be one of the best out there. All you need is a couple hundred meters to take off and you are airborne. With a maximum speed of 115 mph and going from a standing stop to 62 mph in 4.3 seconds, this thing should be a hoot! That’s as fast to 62 as a Lamborghini Gallardo! That’s FAST! Made to play in the sand or in difficult terrain, this thing should take you almost anywhere. It flies at up to 55 mph and is powered by a 1 liter ecoboost engine. Remember, even if the engine quits, you are suspended by a parachute and you just glide to earth. About as safe as it gets.

Manufactured by Parajet, an innovator in powered parachutes, this vehicle is designed around a proven flight system. With a range of around 200 miles and a maximum allowable ceiling of 10,000 ft, you aren’t limited to staying close to home.

Check out the SkyRunner. Who knows, if may be your next thrilling new toy!