Apr 21

30 Grilled cheese sandwich hacks


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30 Grilled cheese sandwich hacks

Ever wonder what to make for supper? Lets see…. What do I have around the house? Some day old bread, a little cheese and some craisins. Lets give this a try. A hot skillet and some butter is all it takes to make grilled cheese sandwiches. It’s amazing how many different tastes you can put together that are really great! Dried fruit add bursts of flavor in a small package. Fresh or dried herbs are nice for a change of pace. You can even sneak in things like fresh spinach and the kids will love it! Kale works well too.

There are many different ways to change this up. Use your waffle maker to put a pattern in it. A panini press works well too as does a George Forman grill. Just keep it interesting. Add lunch meat or anything you have left over. Grill mac and cheese, chicken Parmesan or pork chops cut up. Jelly or mayo for some moisture work well. If you have it, try it. You will be amazed at the great combinations you can come up with. They don’t all work but what have you got to lose. You may come up with the best grilled sandwich ever!